Free Time

La Locanda di Giulia is surrounded by 45 hectares of land cultivated with olive groves, vineyards and forests

Inhabited by ancient oaks, rigorous chestnuts and perfumed pines; for the lovers of nature the Inn makes a number of mountain bikes available to its guests with which one can carry out short excursions, along the paths that wind through the forest and the vineyards or longer distances on special routes mapped to show the water fonts and picnic tables placed along them for refreshing rest stops.

Lovers of complete relaxation will be able to enjoythe swimming pool situated on “terrazzamento” (terraces) of olive trees that overlooks a splendid scene whose star is the evocative panorama of the city of Arezzo.

The pool’s characteristic of containing saltwater renders it one-of-a-kind, and it's even bordered by a sandy beach full of beach umbrellas and sunbeds that make it absolutely irresistible…