Who we are

Welcome to Locanda di Giulia

Locanda di Giulia, with its resemblance to a small agricultural village, in the 1400's, was home to the “scalpellini”, an ancient trade that identified cutters of stone and the picks and chisels they worked with; once the quarry they worked was found in the surrounding hills.
Today these rolling hills are covered by rigorous forests that act as a coffer to our small jewel set in its panoramic position. Astonishment and wonder arise at the sight of Arezzo, given the chivalrous air that extends from horizon to horizon…

When taking in the panoramic view from the terrace of the inn, in fact, the eye gets lost on the evocative particularity of the city… picking out the old stones of the town-walls, high and proud, that enclose priceless architectural treasures from the 1500's like the Medicea Fortress, the majesty of its Dome dominating the landscape… and the historical centre with its wooden balconies, pastel tints, its twisting alleys that wind and cross… homestead for illustrious artists such as Petrarch and Vasari… Medieval pearls that Arezzo boasts as her own…

Having been completely restructured, our building has kept the feeling of finding oneself in a small ancient village where time has stood still although only 6 Km from the city.

Built on many levels, La Locanda di Giulia offers its guests mini apartments coloured with modern touches added to the rustic/Tuscan style characterizing all the lodgings with a refined aesthetic taste that emphasises attention to detail.