With its 6,000 vines comprising Merlot, Cabernet, and Sangiovese varieties that cover a surface of approximately 3 hectares of terrain,

the farm carefully cultivates to obtain the quality that allows it to receive the denomination IGT (Typical Geographic Indication).


The Vineyard

The harvesting of the grapes is carried out in the period that goes from mid-September to mid-October and depends on the maturation of the fruit.
After the "grape harvest”, there follows the “fermentation” phase of the must, that occurs when the crushed grapes are placed in the large steel vats where the natural boiling process takes place; then follows the “vinification”, that consists in pouring it all into large oaken barrels in order to obtain an ulterior refinement of the wine; the duration of this process varies from 9 to 12 months after which comes the “bottling”, which concludes the cycle.

The wine, like the oil, may be tasted by our guests at the restaurant of the inn.

In the period of the grape harvest, the guest may also watch or participate upon request in the harvesting of the grapes.


The Olive Grove

The holiday farm with its cultivation of approximately 3,500 olive trees produces in average 40 tons of oil per year, with full sensory characteristics of genuineness and naturalness, guaranteeing an exceptional product that qualify it as a perfect IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) product from Tuscany.
From the harvest of the olives until the moment of full maturation, the farm transports daily to the press in a continuous cycle that guarantees hygiene and, more importantly, prevents the fruit from suffering alterations, an essential factor for obtaining an excellent quality product.
The result is a beautifully transparent oil with just the right acidity.
La Locanda di Giulia offers all its guests the possibility of tasting its oil raw and cooked in the dishes served in its restaurant.
It is also possible to watch and toparticipate in the harvesting of the olives upon request in the appropriate season.