Events in the city

Among the most characteristic events Arezzo has to offer are:

which takes place on the penultimate Saturday of June and the first Sunday of September.
It is a medieval historical re-enactment in which the four quarters into which the city is subdivided participate: the Quarter of Crucifera Gate (known also as Colcitrone), the Quarter of the Gate of the Hole (known also as Saint Lorentino), the Quarter of Sant'Andrea's Gate and the Quarter of the Holy Spirit Gate (first called the Village Gate).
It is an ancient chivalrous competition that consists in hitting a target, placed on the shield of the Buratto (a revolving automaton that impersonates the King of all India), with a lance blow at the end of a quick charge on horseback. All without getting hit by the mace, held by the Buratto, set into action by the force of the strike.
In principle probably this ride against an effigy was a military exercise in which the clash between a charging knight simulated a target of the human form that represented the quintessential enemy of the Christian West: the Arab infidel, the Saracen, to be precise. Over three hundred figures participate dressed in the splendid costumes of the era parading the streets of the city before making their entrance in Piazza Grande for the contest against Buratto the king of India, accompanied by the warmth and applause of the residents crowded into the stands and along the sides of the Piazza.

is held the first weekend of every month.
Over 500 exhibitors arrive from every part of Italy to crowd the streets of the centre with stalls, full of bric-a-brac, antique furniture and paintings all offered in a kind of "jumble" leaving to the visitor the pleasure of discovery, a joy to the great or small collectors. Furthermore there are the old antiques shops and restoration shops throughout the town.

is held once a year at the Arezzo Business and Convention Centre on a date that is established each year

It is an international show of goldsmithing and jewellery that allows many of the sector to meet in one of the world gold capitals: Arezzo.
Moreover numerous collateral events accompany the exposition: fashion and jewel shows, workshops, expositions and conferences.

is carried out in the month of September. The week of music is made up of numerous events like the National Polyphonic Competition that is the most prestigious competition for choirs in Italy, the International Festival of popular song and various concerts with international artists.

are held during the course of year at the Arezzo Equestrian Centre.
The Centre boasts accommodations for numerous events at the highest level like the Tuscany Tour, Global Champions Tour, Rider Tour, Equestrian Style, Pony Mania, CSIO Junior and Young Riders, CSIO Pony, Italian Absolutes Championship, Final Circuit FISE-UNIRE young horses and other manifestations like the Italian Championship Quarter Horse and the Italian Championship Attacks.